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Philip Gutwein Sr. family







  Philip Gutwein Sr. 02-11-1861 02-18-1884 12-19-1958
  Louise (Koch) 03-13-1857   04-06-1938


Gutwein Family History


Philip Gutwein Jr. family

Lewis Gutwein family


Angela (Gutwein) Von Tobel family

Conrad Gutwein family

Fred Gutwein family

Adam Gutwein family




John Gutwein family

Carl Gutwein family



    Judy (Gutwein) Mumford spent much time and effort in researching and compiling the Gutwein Family History and Jerry Gutwein did likewise in researching and compiling the Gutwein family genealogy. While it is a given that many others also gave much time and effort in the afore mentioned projects, I do not know their names and as such I apologize in advance for any oversight in acknowledgements but would be happy to do so upon notification.

Gutwein/Heckel Home Page

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