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Marvin and Paulette Gutwein Family


Paulette and I met in Denver Colorado in the early 1960's. Paulette's father, Paul Heckel, united us in marriage in 1967 in Englewood. We have lived in Lakewood since 1975.


I was born on May 16, 1942 in Francesville, Indiana, the youngest of six children of John and Helen Gutwein. I lived in Francesville until the age of 18. I served in the U.S. Army as a Military Policeman with the 4th Armored Division in Ulm, Germany from 1964-1966.  I moved to Denver in 1966. I received a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. My work background has been in computer operations and Information Technology.


I was born on September 6, 1946 in Mansfield, Ohio, the youngest of three children of Paul and Rose Heckel. My family moved to Denver, Colorado on July 10, 1954 because I was diagnosed with Rheumatic fever and the doctor said I was in need of a dryer climate. I have worked as a bookkeeper at several firms and after our children were grown, I received a degree as a Registered Nurse. Due to the fact that three neck/back operations have failed to relieve a pinched nerve, I spend time doing crafts and other things I enjoy. 




I was born on February 27, 1970 in Denver, Colorado as my parent's number one son. I am currently a manager with Papa John's Pizza. I also develop and maintain Web pages, work as an audio-visual specialist at my church and am a principal in a company that sells gifts through the internet site onestopgiftstore.com.




I was born on July 18, 1972 in Denver, Colorado as my parent's number one daughter. I am currently employed as a radiographer in San Francisco, CA.  With a group of friends, I participate in a "fire" show performed on special occasions.  


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