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Somewhere around 1758, a group of 200 German's left Germany and went to Austria-Hungary. After World War I it became Yugoslavia, and in 1992 it became Serbia.

Michael Heckel, son of Susie and Paul Heckel was born in Kovasica, Banat Austria-Hungary on June 5, 1875. He was six years old when his father passed away. He was raised by his grandmother and attended school in Germany. He later became a farmhand at the farm of Anton Stumpfhauser, in Franzfeld, Banat, Austria-Hungary, a large German village.

Christine Mueller, (Mueller in English is Miller) daughter of Elizabeth and Nickolaus Mueller of Franzfeld, was born November 4, 1881.

Michael and Christine were married in Franzfeld, June 20, 1902. They sailed to the United States on their honeymoon the same year. They liked what America had to offer and decided to stay in Mansfield, Ohio. Their first four children, Mike, Christine, Sue and Dorothy were born in their first home. They later purchased a farm on Amoy Road north of Mansfield, where Christine gave birth to eleven more children, one of whom was stillborn (she was named Mary).

Christine Heckel passed away on February 20, 1941at the age of 59. At the time of her passing, she had diabetes and was totally blind. Exactly eleven years later, on February 20, 1952, Michael Heckel passed away at the age of 77. Also of interest, the mother of Christine Mueller Heckel passed away in 1921; her father Nickolaus, passed away in 1914. In the Mansfield, Ohio Cemetery can be found, "Nickolaus Mueller, Gestorben 1914".

Note: Christine Heckel (Mueller) had two brothers and one sister. Her sister and one brother came to the United States and one brother stayed in Europe. They changed their name to Miller when they came to America. Christine and her sister and brother passed away within three months of each other. 

Children of Michael and Christine Heckel

Born Died Born Died
Michael 11/11/1903 06/02/1970 Julie Stammler 09/11/1913 01/01/2003
Christine Gerhardt 04/20/1905 05/10/1982 John Heckel 12/16/1914 08/24/1975
Sue Lamnek 01/22/1907 02/20/1998 Helen Puraty 02/20/1916 12/21/1989
Dorothy Heckel 07/12/1908 05/12/1983 William Heckel 06/16/1917 10/08/1995
Paul Heckel 09/13/1909 01/05/1972 Lydia Davis 11/27/1918 11/11/1998
Joe Heckel 07/09/1911 11/20/1941 Andrew Heckel 02/27/1920 03/09/1996
Elizabeth Ardelean 08/23/1912 07/09/1970 Martha Pohanka 11/23/1922 01/09/1989




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