Gutwein, Heckel, Keller & Albrecht families

    This is the personal web site of Marvin and Paulette (Heckel) Gutwein, who live in Colorado. This site contains information and pictures about our families including some genealogy information. Like a tree that has many branches that go in many directions, so too, families have many branches going in many directions. Unlike a tree that has roots that support all the branches of the tree, family branches do not always come from the same roots/trees (or one is unable to confirm that they do). To that end, any genealogy information is related to the Philip Gutwein family of Austria-Hungry, the Michael Heckel family of Austria-Hungry, the Henry Keller Sr. family of Switzerland and the Jacob Albrecht Sr. family. It is our hope that with the progression of time, research, and the input of others, information will become greater in accuracy, depth and value.


Marvin and Paulette Gutwein family

John and Helen Gutwein family

   Paul  and  Rose Heckel family

Gutwein family

Heckel family


Albrecht family

Keller family

If you have additional information, updates, corrections, and/or pictures for any of the families, please email us.


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